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Innocence - Photograph by Antoine Violleau

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Description of the photograph

365 days project - Living in beauty - Day 21-20 / 08 / 2016- Places: Brétignolles sur Mer - La Sauzaie - France There are days when it is more difficult than others to let go. There are days when it is difficult to get away from all the worries of everyday life, anxieties about the future. Yet, as Amma says in his book, Everything is in you, To accept is to free oneself: "To be born implies to know both happiness and suffering, for such is the nature of life. (...) The water is naturally cool and the fire is hot, and if you are aware of it, you can happily accept pleasure and pain. " Assailed in the middle of the night by these thousand and one evils that are written for each of different words, I remembered this picture of this child, filled with innocence before these waves, playing with the ebb and flow of the ocean . This innocent joy had soothed me and allowed me to find this sweet harmony with nature and my soul. Today, while I was sitting alone in my kitchen, I heard the laughter of my neighbor's little girl from above. She gave herself to the full throat. She laughed heartily at her grandmother. This innocent joy was sweet to my ears and calmed my anguish. When I listen to these children, when we look at their child, when we take the time to observe them, this innocence that we have lost by growing too much, wanting too much to everyone, to myself, To want too much and not be able to appreciate the softness of the breeze on our skin, the warmth of the sun on our closed eyes, the caress of sand or grass on our bare feet, the intoxicating smell of the sea, a field of lavender, a madeleine, the skin, we lose contact with our inner child, who alone can save us and guide us in all times and all ages. I hope this photo will soothe you and awaken in you this childish poetry full of innocence and joy as well as this voice that whispers sweet nursery rhymes deep inside you.

Keywords used by Antoine Violleau to describe this photograph: waves, sea, beach, vendee, sauzaie, innocence, child, pastel, wind,

This art photograph was made with a digital camera. This print is labeled 4 in a limited edition of 10 copies worldwide in all formats. It is print on pigment textured paper. This art photography is available in various sizes and finishes.

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Antoine Violleau

Nort-sur-erdre, France

I'm self-taught. I have been doing photography since my youngest...

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