A Photography, A History: "Sadhu"

"Photo taken on stairs in Bhubaneswar in Orissa, India" Alexandre Peplaw
Interview Alexandre Peplaw

ArtPhotoLimited: Your photo is called Sadhu, you took it on a staircase in Bhubaneswar in eastern India. So the first question we ask, What does "Sadhu" mean?

Alexandre Peplaw: I will give you my own definition, although a richer definition may be available on the internet, but for me, the Sadhu represents the top of Indouism, much like the Buddhist monk. It is a person who has renounced all forms of materialism, all forms of social life, all forms of loving relationship, of work, he has renounced material possessions. The Sadhu is always in search, he often prays and represents, in the Hindu culture, the healthy man, the grail.

How did you end up in Bhubaneswar?

It was on my second trip to India, in 2012, in the Orissa area. I had left the western part of Bombay and decided to cross the country to Calcutta but not to cross a tourist region. It was then that I stopped in Bhubaneswar, the largest city in the region, with a rich cultural heritage like temples and above all freed from all tourist pollution, which gave it an authentic appearance.

How was your meeting with Sadhu?

There is a small history of this picture. I walked when I saw a staircase leading to a temple. It was early in the morning. It was then that I saw the Sadhu, it was magnificent. He was sleeping on the steps of this temple so I approached him gently so as not to wake him up. There were other Indians around then a little game with them was established. I showed them that I did not want to wake him up but in India, the habit is that an Indian must stand upright and be presentable in a picture. I got closer to a few yards. I took a picture just before in case he woke up but as if by a miracle, his eyes opened at the time of the click, right at the moment I took the picture! He seemed surprised. We exchanged a look that said a lot: I told her "This photo, I'm really sorry, I steal it, she is too beautiful" and understood, made a small gesture of my head that Meant "No worries".

Once he was awake, what happened?

I showed him the picture and he smiled. It was a beautiful moment, a beautiful exchange ...

And what device do you use?

At the time of the photography I did not have my new camera yet, I had a Canon 550D but today I have a 7D.

Since when did you know that you were born to be a Photographer?

I never really knew, it fell on me. My story is singular because I never learned for that. A dozen years ago I started taking pictures during my travels in Back pack, like everyone else, to show them to my friends. It was they who, later, told me "Alex you have to do something of your photos! ".

So one morning, when I woke up, it took me, and I started with the pseudonym "Alex photo of the world". My audience grew, the audience was there. I was then asked if I was selling my pictures and the gear took. I started doing shootings, weddings ...

Since 3/4 years I do this job, I have never photoshoped a single one of my photos, a little adjustment to the level of lighting but that's all, never filters, never tripod and c ' Is something that is close to my heart. I want to show genuine. I just photograph and that's how I like my job.

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