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"Brigitte Bardot on the Pont de la Madrague in Saint-Tropez, June 14, 1976" Francis Apesteguy

Interview Francis Apesteguy

ArtPhotoLimited: This photograph was taken on the pontoon of La Madrague in Saint-Tropez, June 14, 1976, tell us in what context was it taken?

  At that time, the paparazzi were famous for patrolling boats. Early in the morning, I hid under a tarpaulin in a fishing boat 300 meters from the Madrague. Around 11 am Brigitte Bardot appeared topless. It was difficult to fit because the boat pitched under the lapping sea. In one hour, I had a very beautiful series of photographs.span>

- You have taken a lot of pictures of personalities during your photography career, can you tell us more?

  I photographed a lot of personalities in the 1970s when I started my paparazzi work. In this business, the important thing is that photography is in newspapers. I consider this experience as a trainer: you have to react quickly, and do things well. At the time there was no Photoshop, the pictures were good or bad.

- Did the artists you photographed have a say in the choice of the photo?

  No, at the time this practice was not common.

- Do you know where the photo was published?

   At the time I was at Sipa Press and like all major agencies Sipa broadcast in more than 40 countries. This series of photos is sold in Germany, Spain, Italy, France and certainly in other countries.

- What device and material did you use to make your shots?

   At the time I worked with Nikon and Leica cameras. Currently I use a Canon camera.

- Last question that concerns you more personally, since when did you know that photographer was your favorite job?

   I was not very good at school, so I quickly went into the workforce. I started as assistant to several famous photographers such as Sam Levin, Willy Rizzo and Helmut Newton. I then left this work to get into the reportable by starting to photograph the events that were happening at the time in Southern Ireland where the Ira and the British Army were fighting each other.

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