A Photograph, A Story: "California"

"Desert Architecture, Palm Springs, California" Caroline Gasch

Interview of Caroline Gasch

- ArtPhotoLimited : Tell us the context of this photography.

She was taken during a trip to California in May 2017. It’s a district of Palm Springs called « Sahara Park » with a special architecture. There are only vintage mobiles homes transformed into houses for rich Californians retired. While walking through this small village, I came across this house, symbol of the modernism of the desert.

- This photograph is the perfect illustration of the Californian life style. Was it ride away your desire or are you inspired by the moment ?

I always think a lot about what I want to create, the thinking process is so long ! I choose the places I want to go based on the idea of the photographs I wan to make. As I’m passioned by colors, light and architecture, I’m constantly looking for cities that will be the perfect fit for me. The architecture and the mood of Americans cities are my favorites subjects to shoot. I plan my travel and my itinerary based on that feeling, not without doing a lot of research first and having a precise road mal for my artistic escape.

And this year, I decided to finally achieve a big dream : going to California and Palm Springs. I dreamed for a long time to explore this glamorous city squeezed in the Californian desert, cradle of the modernist architecture of the desert. Where the American modern architecture, in the 40’s to the 60’s were at its peak !

- What did you really liked about that house ?

Although I had noticed it during my first stroll in the district during I sadly couldn’t take any photograph, I wasn’t especially attracted to it. But because of the lights : the sky was white and it lacked of luminosity, I decided to came back the next day. And, there was the surprise ! An old Chrysler was parked near « my house ». The house and the photograph became an evidence. Even though I like my trip to be planed, life is a hazard. This photograph is very appreciated, it received the Leica Master Shot prize.

- How long does it take you to photograph, from the idea to the creation ?

As I already said it,I always think my photographs before I even shoot them. I’m looking for a coherence and an harmonie in what I see. I try to follow my path and the way I take the photograph with the framing and the finish. Even before the shooting I know what I want and I wait until my imagination become one with reality. Photography is for me a way to show my point of view while looking for an aesthetic and a personal research.

- Which artists do you particularly like and inspire you?

Yes ! I’m fond of Americans photographers who highlighted colorful photographs in the 70’s such as William Eggleston, Stephan Shore, Joel Meyerowitz, Saul Leiter, Walker Evans… and more recently Martin Parr, John Batho. I love their work and even today I’m fascinated by their photographs which sometimes ironically describe the USA as it used to be. I discovered through

- Do you have any projects you would like to share with us ?

Many ! I’m just coming back from a trip to Miami, a destination I liked fo its particularly « art deco » architecture. But I’m always looking for cities that could be my next destination. Who knows which destinations I’ll choose ?

- - Last question more personal, when did you know you wanted to be a photographer ?

I discovered the photography when I received my first camera at 14 years old. Since that moment I looked the world though my lens and started to recreate a new one. I wanted very young to start a career as a photographer but life happened and I chose an other path. But one day, I had the chance to change it and now I feel like I’m in the right place and it’s priceless. Maybe to compensate what I couldn’t do younger, I started to study photography. It had allowed me to improve my artistic knowledge. Even though I learn everyday, I’m mostly developing my artistic point of view in order to build a story through my photographs. I founded in urban photographs a real documentary work on our environment and our daily life !

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