A Photograph, A Story: "Cité Radieuse Le Corbusier"

Radiant City Le Corbusier
"La Cité radieuse, "Le Corbusier" or more familiarly "La Maison du fada" is a residence built between 1947 and 1952 by the architect Le Corbusier in Marseille The site is classified, with 16 other architectural works of Le Corbusier, in the world heritage of UNESCO in 2016." Cécile Perrinet - lhermitte

Interview of Cécile Perrinet Lhermite

- ArtPhotoLimited : Tell us the context of this photography.

This photograph was taken while I was visiting my brother, on the top floor of the « Cité Radieuse ». He has been living there for more than 10 years, in Marseille. Since I have come here for ages, I’m starting to really know this building of Le Corbusier inside out where more than 2000 persons live. You have to know that « la Maison du Fada » is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is such an inspiration and a marvel of architecture both practical and aesthetic.

- Why did this construction interested you so much more than the others of Le Corbusier ?

As I already said it, I really love the practical aspect of the building : it’s a real small town inside ! There are shops on the third floor, an hotel, a restaurant and even a school on the last floor. There will almost no reason to go outside. The kids of the building just have to take the elevator to go to school. « La Cité Radieuse » was build to please its residents ! As I grow up in a designer house, I’m fascinated by the 1950 modern architecture hence my attraction for the work of Le Corbusier. I would like to discover more of his work all around the world like Chandigarh, the Indian city founded by him. He is very appreciated by the lovers of art because this photography is a success, there is only a few copies left !

- Regarding you work, how aspects do you enjoy during creation ? Which artists do you particularly like and inspire you?

No matter where I go, I always keep a camera on me. I like to work spontaneously because all the things around you can become a matter to create. I’m not the type of person who likes directing, it keeps the emotions away. I’m very interesting in the work of others photographers, particularly, Peter Lindberg who I had the chance to meet in a master class in Venezia Photo last february ! I like the idea that every photographers has its own way to capture the instant. Two photographers can work on the same subject but the emotions will be completely different or even opposed. Stephen Shore, William Eggleston, Peter Hugo, Malik Sidibé, Martin Parr … here are some artist I really like. But there is so many others to discover in « Les Rencontres d’Arles ».

- Do you have projects you would like to told us about ? Fields you would like to explore ?

Yes, of course. I always have projects to work on : subjects, travels ! But I recently started to prepare an exposition on the Art Deco of Miami in Paris but I can’t tell you more for now ! If you want to know more about it, you’ll find informations on my Instagram.

- Last question more personal, when did you know you wanted to be a photographer ?

For as long as I remember, I always had a camera. And as you can expect I became a member of the « club photo » which allowed me to know how to photo processing. I continued this path by pursuing audiovisual study. A path which led me here !

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