A Photograph, A Story: "Fenêtres sur rues"

Windows on streets
"This majestic building with an exceptional string of colors shimmering on the windows is a real favorite, a soothing island whose refined aesthetics ensures a moment of tranquility in the midst of the urban effervescence" Florence Autelin

Interview Florence Autelin

Photograph Fenêtres sur rues by Florence Autelin

This building is emblematic of Singapore's history


In the heart of Singapore, where the futuristic architecture of glass and steel is rising to the sky as a symbol of power and avant-gardism, the colorful vision of this imposing historic neocolonial building, MICA, challenged by its contrast and heritage of the past with its 927 windows with "rainbow" shutters. The road traffic is intense, so I waited, the foot of my camera stalled on one of the facades, that cars disappear from my viewfinder to create an architectural and urban scene with a street scene and pedestrians who give a dimension and a scale of values. What interests me also in this photo is what happens behind its multiple windows, the anonymous destinies and the glances that arise on the city, with for each of them a different angle of view.

This building now houses works of art and is intended to receive contemporary exhibitions. Before that, in 1935, he hosted the Old Hill Street Police Station and was even considered one of the tallest buildings in the city and nicknamed "the skyscraper of the police."

       Tell us about the project that this photograph is part of

My photographic project was articulated around urban planning, perspectives and architecture. This work brings together a series of photos entitled "urban landscapes" that you can find on my profile. To do this, I traveled for a year in major cities of Australia, then Auckland in New Zealand and Singapore.

I like cities, especially those bordered by seas and oceans, daylight, evening shadows, background noise of road traffic, pedestrians and horns mixed with the buzzing sound of maritime activity, the clamorous animated pubs that intermingle with the snapping of shrouds and halyards in the ports. I like to be stunned in the streets with graffiti-themed walls and the festive atmosphere, to melt in these singular places. This is how I feel the rhythm and ambience of a place, and once inspired by these urban vibrations, my photographic work can begin. To this is added my palette of colors, inseparable from my perception and anchored since my many trips to India, a bit like a painter who will thus express the final touch of his sensitivity and his emotions.

      Tell us about your everyday life as a professional photographer

For several years, I travel the world from Asia to Oceania and soon the United States with my camera as a faithful and inseparable companion. Since childhood, I am inspired by the architecture of cities and a passion is born through this look at the work of master builders of stone and steel. Photography has become obvious during my travels, until becoming a professional photographer. I like to observe what surrounds us: the effervescence of the world in which our present plunges us, to contrast the testimonies of the past, to wonder about this interaction or this synergy, to choose the right angle of view and the captivating moment , frame, wait and trigger to tell the "here and now" through a photograph, which will in turn become a story. It is for me the project and the artistic sense that I wish to give to my work: to transmit and to share so that the journey continues.


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