A Photograph, A Story: "Flying in Singapore"

Flying in Singapore
"Valerie, dancer of the Singapore National Opera, flying through the city." Dimitry Roulland

Interview Dimitry Roulland

Photographie Flying in Singapore by Dimitry Roulland

Tell us about this photograph

 This photograph was taken in Singapore during a 3 month trip through Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. I met Valérie Yeo, dancer of the Singapore Dance Theater thanks to Irving Neil Kwok, a photographer friend. He has already had the opportunity to work with her and was kind enough to introduce me to her. I keep a very good memory of this shooting: being away from home, in this beautiful city with a beautiful and adorable professional dancer, the time for a photo shoot. It was a real happiness.


 For this shot and my work in general, I always want to create an aesthetic image. Here, modern buildings have inspired me: there is a "futuristic" side that I like a lot. In order to get the subject to detach from the background, I use a Nikon 85mm 1.8 lens, my favorite lens. There is no editing, I just set the aperture on my device.


 During my shootings, I act a lot to feel and improvise. I observe my environment during a ride and stop when I found my plan. For this photo, we tried several poses before approving the big thrown, a figure that I adore when it is correctly executed. Once we judge, the model and I have enough material, the shooting stops.

Tell us more about your projects

 I continue my work with artists from several artistic backgrounds, but I will also develop workshops. I have also proposed several this year: to teach and share my vision of practice fascinates me. Photography is something that has become embedded in me over time. Over the years, the idea that I could live from photography seemed to me less and less absurd. Today, I live from my passion and that brings me a lot of happiness.

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