A Photography, a story: "Jeune fille à la perle"

Young girl with pearl
"Young Burmese in the mountains between Kalaw and Inle Lake. Myanmar, 2011" Fred Daudon

Interview Fred Daudon:

ArtPhotoLimited: This photograph was taken in 2011 in Myanmar, in the mountains between Kalaw and Inle Lake. Have you gone to this country on vacation or on a photographic expedition?

Fred Daudon: I went to Myanmar with friends in January 2011, the country was still under military rule, there were 300,000 tourists a year at the time. Rather, it was a matter of discovering this culture and identifying it for future photographic expeditions.

Tell us in what context this photo was taken?

We had left for two days of hiking, from Kalaw towards Inle Lake, which is surrounded by mountains. The whole region is a photographer's paradise: the scenery is incredible, the shades of colors between the water and the mountains, the brightness and the local ethnicities, everything is assembled to make beautiful pictures. The month of January is a dry season, the farmers prepare the land and carry out their maintenance work. The hamlets are therefore very active and there are many people on the roads.

Do you know this girl personally or did you meet her by chance?

The sun hit quite hard that day and we decided to pause under a tree with the pronounced antler. A few minutes later, this girl and her older sister came out from behind a grove. They had heard our discreet voices and their curiosity pushed them to meet us. It was therefore by chance that we made their acquaintance. I was immediately surprised by their looks that supported our eyes and that gleam of pride that illuminated their faces.

How many trials did you have to get the right portrait of this girl?

I had my 70-200mm and I tried a dozen frames, some with his sister. The two moved a lot and spoke to us at the same time. The light conditions were optimal and I needed a photo where you feel his look that I had on this framing.

Do you think that "portrait" photographs such as this one make it possible to reveal particular emotions that landscape photographs can not divulge?

Photography, like any type of art, provokes emotions that are basically the same, whether we make portrait, landscape, nude, or other. For example, if I take a photograph of a beautiful beach polluted by hydrocarbons, or the portrait of a man participating in the cleaning of the area, his face soiled by hydrocarbons, it is certainly disgust Will feel. It is the grid of reading that changes and the ease with which one is said sensitive to this picture. With portraits, emotions are more easily expressed and directly than by looking at a landscape photo.

Last question that concerns you more personally, since when did you know that photographer was your trade of predilection?

I had my first camera at the age of 4-5 years and I have not stopped doing photography since. It was my biggest passion and when I started to have more and more projects related to photography, I decided to become professional.

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