A Photography, a story: "Les moinillons bouddhistes de Bagan"

"3 Buddhist monks in BAGAN temples" Frederic Reglain

Interview Frédéric Reglain

ArtPhotoLimited: This photograph was taken in the temples of Bagan in Burma, tell us in what context this photo was taken ?

  Frédéric Reglain : I was with an Anglophone Burmese guide and I saw the Temple of Bagan. I then had the idea to photograph shrubs with umbrellas. So I went to buy the umbrellas in question and I asked my guide if it was possible to find 3 birds. So we went to a monastery to meet the children. They accepted and we left to shoot in front of two temples that I had selected. I was able to exchange with these children thanks to my guide who acted as translator for the occasion. I also gave some money to the temple and asked the children what would please them. The answer: a tour of Coca-Cola. They were in the angels since they can’t drink from them in the monasteries. Their smiles were pleasing to see.

- What did you like in this scene ?

  Although this photograph is "mounted", the colors and the graphics inspired me a lot. This is the first time I was doing the staging.

- To highlight your photograph, have you made any changes to the original image ?

   I did not change anything in the post-prod. I worked for 18 years at Gamma, and working on slides could not change anything. I have kept this habit. You have to be good at the shot.

- According to you, why should our customers choose your photo over another ?

   Customers should be sensitive to the composition and colors of this millennial Asia.

- Last question that concerns you more personally, since when did you know that photographer was your favorite craft ?

  I've been reading Photo Reporter magazine since the age of 15. When I was younger, I dreamed of going back to Gamma. My dream is realized during my 24th year.

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