A Photograph, A Story: "Library"

"Modern library interior" Kevin Krautgartner

Interview Kevin Krautgartner

Photographie Library by Kevin Krautgartner

This photograph shows the interior of the Stuttgart Public Library in Germany. 

 I am working on a series of photographs of modern and abstract libraries. To do this, I want nobody to be on the cliche. So I asked for a special authorization to enter the building outside opening hours. This library has one of the most remarkable interiors I have seen. I wanted to photograph for over a year because of its exceptional layout. It was built on 40 meters high, with a central space lit only by the light of the ceiling. In the center, there is 100m³ of empty space, in contradiction with the daily frenzy. The library has become the new spiritual and cultural center of Stuttgart open to all nations, the word library is also written in several languages ​​around the facade. In 2013, she received the National Library Award of the Year. My shot was also "rewarded" since it was published on several sites.

 Tell us about your work and your projects.

 To find the places I'm going to photograph, I do a lot of research in magazines or architecture books: that's how I found the Stuttgart library. In the composition of my photographs, I always try to preserve the lines that allow to distinguish the architecture: the geometric forms are a key point in this type of photographs. It's something you can not find in landscape photography or in nature. I try to highlight the architectural columns as best as I can..


 I am more and more interested in aerial photography. I really like this area that is starting to emerge. I find that the possibilities are endless. I hope to realize this project using a drone. I practice photography for more than 6 years: my studies in design and new technologies inspire me a little more each day.

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