A Photography, a story: "Lovely Wait Hotel"

Lovely Wait Hotel
"There is a place called "Lonely Lovely Wait". It's a full place of wandering and mystery. People come here for one night for deprivation or for a meeting. She is smoking, drinking a glass of scotch and talking on the phone with a stranger." Jeremy Jakubowicz

Interview Jeremy Jakubowicz

ArtPhotoLimited: This photograph shows a woman sitting on a couch, tell us in what context was this photo taken?

This photo was taken in October 2016 in Monaco where the charming team of the hotel Metropole had the generosity to lend me a suite for the day so that I can make this shoot. It had been several months since I had ideas in mind about a series of photos to be done in dark tones that can recall some Hollywood movies of the 60s.

Can you tell us more about this character? Have you imagined it?

Justine is a model from the French Riviera who agreed to work with me on this rather tragic shooting. I wanted to leave some clues about the story of this character everywhere on the different pictures of this series so that everyone can imagine the scenario of his choice for this young woman alone and tormented. At least that's what I strove to stage with the open phone, the lack of facial expression, the alcohol, the newspaper, the body position, and so on.

How do you choose the places where you photograph your models?

  Regarding this series of photos, I wanted a prestigious hotel and the team of the hotel Metropole kindly let me take possession of the place. They were great and could not do enough with us all day. I thank them very much.

How long does it take to make a snapshot?

The time required to make a shot varies from one shoot to another. It can be very fast or very long if I can not get what I want. Sometimes a little magic moment is enough for the photo to be validated.

In your description, you say you're a fashion photographer, what made you choose this style of photography?

Fashion photography represents everything I love, it's a medium where the artistic side can be pushed to its climax and I like sublimating models. It's a real pleasure to work with young brands or for editorials often looking for originality: I like the minimalist and the sophisticated.

What device and material did you use to make your shots?

I use a Canon5Dmk3 and different soft box. Sometimes I use natural light but often accompany artificial light.

Last question that concerns you more personally, since when did you know that photographer was your favorite job?span>

  Since a young age, I always wanted to evolve in the artistic environment. I started making short films with my big sister, at the time with the family camera. Then as a teenager, I practiced on my friends to learn the techniques of photography. I like the human body as well as the style and I thrive perfectly in the fashion world: we can tell stories while sublimating the body and clothing.

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