A Photograph, A Story: "Pelé Brésil-Italie Coupe du Monde 1970"

Pele Brazil-Italy World Cup 1970
"Pele in the Brazil-Italy match (4-1) for the 1970 World Cup. Place of the race: STADIUM AZTEQUE Date: 21/06/1970" L'équipe

Photograph of Pelé Brésil-Italie Coupe du Monde 1970

This photograph was taken during the 1970 World Cup final between Brazil and Italy.

ArtPhotoLimited: An exceptional match between double-champions.

On June 21st at 12pm, the 1970 World Cup final begins: Brazil and Italy, two nations already double champions, compete for the final glory. Edition anthology, the scene takes place at the Aztec Stadium (Mexico), specially designed for the occasion. The atmosphere is at its peak, more than 107,000 people attend this match that promises the show. Two schools face each other: the very offensive Seleçao (Brazil) against the defensive Squadra Azzurra (Italy).

It is 12:18 pm, Rivelino, the Brazilian midfielder, captures the ball and offers a perfect center to Pele, his striker. He rushes through the air to receive him, and opens the scoring with a header that deceives Albertosi's defense. This is only the beginning of the offensive ball of the impetuous Brazilians. If in the first period the Brazilians scored one goal, three others will follow after the other half: Gerson (66’’), Jairzinho (77’’) and the last for the Captain Alberto (84’’) in which Pelé contributes. Real collective action, this goal begins with an action of Everaldo sowing 4 Italians, Rivelino receives the ball from the left side and stings towards the center of the field. Near the penalty area, he meets Pele, who give a decisive pass to his captain, right side. Alberto tricks, one last time, Albertosi with a powerful right kick. Italy could do nothing against a conquering Brazil, although it can thank Boninsegna (37’’) for its only goal scored on a mistake from Clodoaldo. And so, Brazil become World Champion for the third time in four editions.

The coronation of King Pele.

In the light of his exceptional career, King Pelé ends on top of his art. The youngest champion in history, he also becomes the first triple-champion. Genius or incredible inspiration, he continues to surprise by his game. We will always remember his unusual actions: the sombrero kick in the final of the 1958 World Cup against Sweden, the lob of 50m face to the Czechoslovakian goalkeeper and the big bridge over the Uruguayan goalkeeper who will not be transformed, during the 1970 edition. But Pelé, he's also a mental force: seriously injured during 2 editions of the World Cup, he doubts. He returns, however, for his fourth and final participation which will be his consecration and make him one of the top players.

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