A Photography, a story: "The ride"

The ride
"Cycling girls on the streets of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) in Vietnam" Guillaume Jack'o berger

Interview Guillaume Jack'o Berger

ArtPhotoLimited: This photograph was taken in the streets of Saigon in Vietnam. Have you been to this country on vacation or on a photographic expedition?
Guillaume Jack'o Berger: I left in early May 2017 until the beginning of July 2017 for a photographic trip in Asia through 5 countries (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Japan).

Tell us in what context this photo was taken?

For this picture, I was in a small impasse in the suburbs of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) where I was expecting a friend who had things to settle in a garment factory. I was in front of this factory, in this impasse, when this girl by bike first passed, first before me, then a second time, then a third time after embarking the second little girl (perhaps her sister ...). It has become a game between them and me. I think these little girls, like other stalemates, should not be used to seeing a west guy in their neighborhood and even less in their impasse. It was then that I drew my camera and that I seized that moment, which greatly amused the girls.

Have you been able to interact with these two girls?

I did not actually exchange with these little girls, at least not verbally, it was a game, exchanges of looks and smiles, then laughing.

Which technique should be used when taking a moving picture?

In my opinion, the best technique is observation: make sure that the light is sufficient to work with a shutter speed high enough to capture the moment without too much blur. move. Observe the scene and follow the subject (several times if it goes over) to evaluate the speed and the best angle of view as well as an acceptable background.

Should the work to get a clear image be carried out upstream via the device?

It is preferable ... The higher the quality of the shooting, the less the retouching, and therefore the quality losses, will be necessary.

Last question that concerns you more personally, since when did you know that photographer was your favorite craft?

I've been doing photography since I was about 14-15, (I have 45 today). My father was a sports reporter, and I often had the opportunity to follow him in reportage with his photographers with whom I stayed most of the time while my father was doing his interviews and so on.
The lab was in my father's office in the newspaper's office, so I discovered the photographic chemistry and its early magic. It was at this time that I knew that I wanted to do this job.

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