A Photography, A story: "voiles de moines"

sails of monks
"Monks waiting early in the morning during the festival of the pagoda ananda, Bagan, Myanmar" Erwan Fiquet

Interview Erwan Fiquet

ArtPhotoLimited This picture was taken in Myanmar but can you tell us where exactly ?

Erwan Fiquet: This photo was taken in Myanmar and more precisely on the esplanade of the Ananda Pagoda in Bagan, well known for its thousands of Buddhist pagodas. Bagan is also well known for being the departure of the first Burmese empire and the beginning of Buddhism in Myanmar.
I realized this picture during my second trip to Bagan, I went back twice since and lived there for 2 years, my wife being from the region.

Tell us in what context this photo was taken.

This photo was taken during the festival of the Ananda Pagoda which is held in the pagoda of the same name. The festival takes place during the full moon of January and attracts hundreds of monks and thousands of Buddhist faithful from the surrounding villages.
The most important moment of the festival takes place during the morning of the full moon, hundreds of monks come to settle early in the morning and in single file waiting to receive their offerings that are in another part of the pagoda. It is necessary to come very early before the crowd of the faithful and the curious crowd to place their offerings on immense tables.
At this time of the year it is cold in the morning and the Burmese are chilly so the monks massive against each other to be able to warm themselves, which gives the effect of a red wave.
I took my time that day, especially to appreciate the moment and feel the atmosphere. Instead of taking close-up points, I chose to take a picture that highlights this "agglutinated" side, and especially all those pensive faces.

Why did you choose black and white ?

I prefer the black and white because People show too many colorful photos of Asia. I wanted to break codes and give a report aspect of the beginning of the last century.

Last question more personal: Since when do you practice the profession of photographer?

I am a professional photographer for 3 years, with the dream of becoming a travel photographer but the economic reality has brought me back to architecture and interior photography, especially for hotels.

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