Daniel Nassoy


I discovered photography by photographing Paris in black and white film and developing my own photos. This discovery occurs as I become more and more detached from the profession I practice at the time: IT for large companies. I discover then through many exhibitions photographic artists like Robert Doisneau, Toni Catany, Joel-Peter Witkin, Sarah Moon, or Robert Mapplethorpe. I feel more and more locked into this strict and coded world of computers. In 1997 I decided to give up my job for another way, multimedia, and in 1998 I perfect my retouching technique by following several courses. In 2001 I registered at the Maison des Artistes as a graphic artist and art photographer. Since that day I work as an independent photographer and graphic designer. For my first shots I use the traditional methods of black and white photography, sometimes tinged with a touch of sepia (film 24x36, with turn). Then I use the modern technological means (computers, scan, Photoshop software, large digital prints in the lab) before moving to digital shooting to recreate a personal vision of the world, feelings, thoughts and feelings. My technique evolves at the pace of technical advances around the digital image. My "photo-graphist" trajectory began with the creation with very simple means - a few lights, a black wall hanging - of a small night theater where I explore male naked bodies. Many models lend themselves to this fantasy game, where the lens tends a mirror to everyone's desires and dreams. My photographic research is purely aesthetic. For ten years I will perfect my technique and sharpen my eyes. This period sees the birth of my series "a-PARIS-tions". It is in the space of a real scenery, sometimes real and sometimes reinvented, that I unfold my nudes, at the end of a work of poetic projection where the magic photo'graphiste gives its full measure. I continue to add new models and glass objects to new creations for my flagship series "Man Objects" in response to the use of the human body in advertising. This step is important for me because of a very aesthetic approach I move to a claim. In 2016, I start the series "Maps of the body" where flags and country maps are embedded in male bodies. The pose adopted by the models sometimes give some clues about the acceptance of homosexuality in the countries represented. The cards then become the veins of the bodies or sometimes the bruises in which they are found encrusted. This series represents my support for the everyday struggles against homophobia. Since 2017, I am working on a new series "Transparencies" whose objective is to photograph a very different set of people to show that every human being is beautiful and can reveal his body for art. Since 2018, I continue my story with a work for the protection of nature and man with the series "Men Nature".

Selected to participate in Pierrevert's Festival NPDP Photographic Nights, which took place from July 25 to 28, 2018 Selected to participate in the Festival L'Émoi Photographique March 24 - April 29, 2018 - "The body in all its states" in Angoulême Selected in May 2016 for the European Festival of Nude Photography (FEPN) in Arles Presented as part of the Photographic Encounters for the Voies Off of Arles in July 2016

- April 2019: collective exhibition of the month of the photo OFF, gallery of the Génie de la Bastille, Paris - July 2018: collective exhibition "MODELES" with Rosemary Piolais and Anne Malvy, gallery of the Génie de la Bastille, Paris - April 2018: participation at the Festival L'Émoi Photographique 24 March - 29 April "The body in all its states" in Angoulême - December 2017: collective exhibition "Small formats", gallery of the Génie de la Bastille - December 2017 collective exhibition "HYBRIDES" with Artists in the Bastille, at the Espace Commine, Paris - July to October 2017 "OBJECTS Man" exhibition during the Voies-Off and Arles photo meetings - May 2017 "Transparencies" exhibition during the European Nude Photography Festival in Arles - December 2016 collective exhibition "Let's take a walk in the woods" with the Artists at the Bastille, at the Commine Space, Paris - November 2016 "BODYscape" exhibition, gallery of the Génie de la Bastille, Paris - Participation in the "Voies Off" with the Map s of the Corps during the Photographic Meetings in Arles. Exhibition at the exhibition "Girls and Boys" from July 4, 2016 to September 30, 2016. - June 2016 collective exhibition "POP" gallery of the Genie de la Bastille, Paris - June 2016 collective exhibition "Our Pandora's Boxes" with Artists in the Bastille gallery of the AAB, Paris - Participation in the "European Nude Photo Festival" with the Cartes du Corps. Exhibition at the Archbishop's Palace in Arles from 6 to 16 May 2016 - November 2015 collective exhibition "CHRONICLES" with Artists at the Bastille at the Bastille Design Center, Paris - November 2015 collective exhibition "Menage à trois" with 2 other Artists gallery of the Génie de la Bastille, Paris - November 2014 collective exhibition "PassWorld" with the Artists at the Bastille at the Olympe de Gouges, Paris - March 2014 exhibition "Man Objects" at the bar IN OUT Paris - many other exhibitions since the 2000s !