David Pesce


On the occasion of the end of the year holidays inspire you and your entourage by taking advantage of 20% discount on the entire gallery! (Excluding print and framing fees) Valid until January 21, 2020. My name is David and I am a photographer-author. Passionate about the world and nature I am above all animated by the journey and the discovery of the Life around us. Self-taught and eclectic by nature, my subjects are as varied as my interests, and my approach is simple, authentic and spontaneous, in order to preserve all the naturalness of the subjects, scenes and luminosity that inspire me on the moment. Concerning my philosophy, I consider photography above all as the art of exposing one's way of seeing things, one's own dream, and the image of touching and illuminating one's dream. We all have something else in us, that spark of Life that is common to us, our soul, and art, beyond being a reflection of the soul of the artist, is also the reflection of the soul of him who admires him. Whatever medium is chosen, art is only one means among others for the artist to convey his message to those who know how to understand it; and my message is that Life is beautiful and precious, and that it is by marveling each day that we learn to respect it. We have a role on Earth, to live, to admire Life, to discover and feel it, and through our love for her to protect it, and photography is especially for me the way to share my passion and to convey the beauty and wonder that nature and life offer us. For more information contact me at the following address: david.pesce@hotmail.fr

Permanent Exhibition - Salon "C in the Hair" / La Motte Servolex 73290