For twenty years, I have been restoring with passion the faces and looks of people, the reliefs of nature and the sometimes secret actions of its inhabitants. If beauty sometimes offers itself to the objective, it is most often necessary to flush it out. The cliché becomes unique when the light, the scene and the framing, the strength of the colors and the expressions match in harmony and vibrate in unison. It is these moments of zenith discrete or marvelous, profane or sacred, prosaic or magical, that I try to capture. Along a personal journey as part of the photo illustration, I gave free rein to my passion for natural landscapes. The nature picture taught me to stay with all my senses listening to my environment. Waiting for the beautiful light or the grace of an animal pose, also taught me the virtues of patience. In what is obvious and what is less obvious, the beauty, multiple, always manages to show something of itself when one knows how to put one's gaze on it.