Alexandre Peplaw


I am Alexandre PEPLAW, I live in Bordeaux, I am 45 years old. I am passionate about the World, traveler and photographer. I take you with me, through my journeys, through my photos, to meet, discover and travel together. I have, for almost 15 years, got into the habit, and I could not do without it, of traveling several months a year, over the course of as beautiful as fleeting encounters, landscapes, I give you a little my vision of this world which is our home to all. Some countries that I had the chance to approach, and there will be many others ... India (6 times), Philippines, Sri Lanka, Laos, Guatemala, Madagascar, Peru, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Togo, Benin, Nepal (twice), Senegal, Bolivia, Indonesia, Burma, Morocco, Vietnam, Tanzania, China, Cuba, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Thailand, Ecuador ...

2 times winner in "the biggest competition in the World" of the magazine "Photo"