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Antelope Canyon

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West America

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New York

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Nocturnal ambiances

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Author Photographer I live in a small village in the south-east of France. This geographic location allows me to access fabulous landscapes of the Southern Alps. Traveling a lot, I am also very attracted by urban architecture. It is these contrasts between wilderness and the urban world that I like to photograph and show off.

Several times published in the press (Terre Sauvage) and on various websites (, ...) 2017 - Public prize at the photo-meetings of St Sauveur sur Tinée (06) 2017 - First prize photo contest of St Etienne de Tinée (06) "water in the mountains" 2018 - Third prize photo competition Collective Photon "the White" 2018 - Prizes of the partner villages - Photomenton 2018. 2018 - Monthly selection Fujifilm - 2nd prize. 2018 - Fujifilm monthly selection - 1st prize. 2018 - 4th price Vigilance Mercantour photo contest "Mercantour and femininity" 2019 - Public price for photo-meetings of St Sauveur sur Tinée (06) 2019 - Jury's favorite prize, FIM St Martin Vésubie (06) 2019 - Honorable mention International Photography awards 2019 (IPA) 2019 - Photomenton - Prix de la ville de Menton

2017 The American West, nocturnal atmospheres in Tinée (photo meetings of St Sauveur sur Tinée) 2018 "Between day and night", Barcelonette (04) 2018 "Night atmospheres in the Mercantour" - Photo encounters, St Sauveur sur Tinée (06) 2018 "Nocturnal atmospheres in the Mercantour" - Montagnes & Images Festival, St Martin Vésubie (06) 2018 "Nocturnal atmospheres in the Mercantour" - Photomenton, Menton (06) 2019 "In the heart of the Night" - Castellard (06) 2019 " In the heart of the night "- Photo meetings St Sauveur sur Tinée (06) 2019" In the heart of the night "- Festival Montagnes & Images, St Martin Vésubie (06) 2019" In the heart of the night "- Photomenton