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Sea and boats

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Our regions in the old days

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Views from the sky

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The Baule

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Stade Rennais and the Cup - Our Historical Unes

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Presentation of the newspaper Ouest-France Founded by Paul Hutin-Desgrées on August 7, 1944, following the West-Eclair (newspaper created August 2, 1899), Ouest-France is the first daily newspaper in France. Since its origin, photography has been an integral part of its DNA. It is one of the few newspapers that continues to produce much of the visuals published by internal photographers. Photo archives of the Ouest-France newspaper Following the transition to digital photography, Ouest-France began digitizing its photographic archives. This work continues today, the archives being rich with hundreds of thousands of photographs. There are photographs on all types of support, such as glass plates whose quality remains intact. An exceptional sale This is the first time that Ouest-France has opened its photo archives to the general public. The selection proposed for this gallery was made jointly by the teams of the newspaper Ouest-France and those of ArtPhotoLimited. The selected photographs are organized in series, around two axes: - an axis which classifies the photos by theme (history, scenes of life, sea and boats ...) - another axis classifies the photos by cities, department or region All photographs are put on sale as a collector's edition, with a quality worthy of the greatest museums. The prints are sold with or without framing. Several types of frames are offered: black frame with mat, aluminum laminated draw and American box (for large prints). The prints are limited to 300 copies per photograph, making it a collector's item. For any question, do not hesitate to contact us on 05 24 07 80 41 every day from 9h to 20h