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Bridgeman Images



Series of 133 photographs


Series of 392 photographs

Scenes of life

Series of 35 photographs


Series of 81 photographs

Mythical couples

Series of 59 photographs

Historical Celebrities

Series of 27 photographs


Series of 95 photographs

Eiffel Tower

Series of 11 photographs


Series of 19 photographs


Series of 40 photographs

Around the world

Series of 21 photographs

Old Paris

Series of 16 photographs

Haute Couture

Series of 14 photographs

Paris Firefighters

Series of 2 photographs

New York

Series of 12 photographs


Series of 8 photographs

Notre Dame of Paris

Series of 7 photographs

French Cinema

Series of 70 photographs

Hollywood Cinema

Series of 169 photographs

Cult series

Series of 10 photographs

Le Concorde

Series of 6 photographs

Jacques Chirac

Series of 6 photographs


Series of 6 photographs

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