DPPI Production


AN EXCEPTIONAL SALE On the occasion of the 2017 edition of the Dakar, ArtPhotoLimited and the DPPI Images agency team up to offer in real time the most beautiful photographs of the Dakar. Photographs for sale in the form of limited edition prints of 30 copies. AN INVENTED DEVICE FOR A GREAT SPORTS EVENT This is the first time that a major sporting event has allowed all its fans to acquire photographs in the form of collection prints, almost in real time. A commercial innovation made possible by the combination of DPPI Images' means on site with the proprietary technology of ArtPhotoLimited. In partnership with the organization Amaury Sport Organization, DPPI has indeed sent a team of 5 photographers to not miss the show: - 3 photographers by car, closest to competitors; - 1 helicopter photographer for aerial photography; - 1 photographer at the bivouac for the arrival, the atmosphere and the work of the assistance teams. This team, complemented by a publisher, chooses each day the 10 most beautiful pictures before putting them online on ArtPhotoLimited. Photographs that can be purchased immediately in the form of collection prints. ABOUT DPPI IMAGES Born in 1965, DPPI Images is one of the largest sports photography agencies in Europe, recognized especially for a major production in the field of motor sports (Formula 1, rally, 24 Hours of Le Mans ... ). Since December 26, 1978, the date of the departure of the first Paris-Dakar at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, DPPI Images did not miss any of the editions of this race, queen of the rally-raids category.