Dave Burwell


Since I was little, I am passionate about Nature. This is what made me love photography and made it my passion in life. I always carried wherever I went with my camera. Thus, it allowed me to take photographs during my long hikes in the mountains, at the edge of the ocean. My real desire is to capture these ephemeral moments to be able to admire them at home. I try through my photographs to show the essence of my subject in order to sublimate the wonders and beauty of the world around us.

26th Annual Phillips' Mill Show, Pennsylvania (June 2018) Gallery 14, New Jersey (April 2018) Photograph 37, Perkins Center for the Arts, New Jersey (February 2018) Old York Cellars, New Jersey (October 2017) The Blue Pomegranate , New Jersey (June 2017) 26 Bridge Gallery, New Jersey (May 2017) 25th Annual Photographic Exhibit of Phillips' Mill, Pennsylvania (June 2017) Photography 36, Perkins Center for the Arts, New Jersey (February 2017) The Landscape, Darkroom Gallery, Vermont (February 2017) Small World, New Jersey (February 2017) Hopewell Creative Arts Studio, New Jersey (January 2017) Art Symphony, Millstone River Gallery, New Jersey (January 2017) Art Endangered: Printed Photography, Lakefront Gallery, New Jersey (December 2016) Zeiss Precision Picture Competition 2015, Maine (September 2015)