Denis Debadier


Antiques, communication, luxury. In a whole life what brings these careers together that nothing seems to link? The man, his vision, his strength. Autodidact and touch to everything, it is the story of an eclectic and prolix self-made man, openness and intuition could be his master words. Initiated by a lover of silver, at the time where the digital did not exist, it allowed him to acquire solid technical bases. Fotofever was his first "big" exhibition, others will follow in Switzerland and Paris. Today it is the aesthetic freedom that he seeks in his clichés on the basis that everything can be sublimated and without "cheating" with reality.

July 2014: Initial Gallery in Boulogne Billancourt Nov 2014: Fotofever April 2015: Swiss Art Space / Lausanne Switzerland June 2015: Coworking Gallery / Paris 75003 Nov 2016: Rppc (Contemporary Parisian Photographic Meetings) "Nude" Expo Dauphine Market Paris Jan 2017: Gallery 55 Paris Expo "Urban-Indus" February 2018 / Paris Art Capital / Grand Palais