Emmanuel TECLES


Autodidact and passionate photographer author, I started photography in 2007, my need to create was quickly directed towards the mysterious, enigmatic, fantastic and dark atmospheres. Loving the legends, thrills and strange atmospheres close to the world of Tim Burton, the photo allows me to find and recreate more intimately these atmospheres. Thus, the image can please, move, touch ... especially to question ... it arouses, it questions more than it shows, it creates an introspective emotion, a real mirror of our hidden cogitations ... The photograph of Exploration brings to the forefront very contrasting paradoxes, shadows and its opposites, dark places full of suffering or sometimes the light springs, it was obvious for me to seek to capture these magical places. I have always been attracted by notions of traces, memories, and it is by pushing some doors of abandoned buildings that I discovered very nostalgic atmospheres. These forgotten places speak to me, whisper their secrets ... inspired also by the world of the writer Mathias Malzieu, the poetry is also invited in the general atmosphere of the exploration. By discovering a poetic and fantastic universe, adrenaline and excitement transport me completely into an anachronistic journey. Passionate about history and architecture, these places yet full of pain remain of an unspeakable beauty, offering me a real privilege, a show out of time. The role of the photo then resumes all its meaning: a memory and a tribute, a quest for the safeguarding of the heritage and its memory. The dust, witness of oblivion, dresses the stigmata of time and tells us the stories of this parallel world, yet so close, I will call Anachrone ... To deepen this passion, I also move towards photography with professional models / dancers in the same kind of places. I try to bring a human and fragile notion or the contrast of the skin raises the decrepitude of places. The association can be explosive. It allows me to go beyond and prolong the history of places, door open to the imagination.

-Photographer of the city of Toulouse (Town Hall) mandated for architectural photographs and rehabilitation of abandoned places in Toulouse. -Play on the cover of the magazine "CLUTCH". -Play on the cover of the magazine "Immomag" architecture specialist

2017: - Production of emission by Emilie Broussouloux for France 3 on the fun discovery in photography of Occitanie -Exhibition and conference at the media library ARIA Cornebarrieu from November 8th to January 3rd - Artist of the month of January and publication in cover on CLUTCH Magazine, editorial of 12 pages on my activity of exploration photography .. -Parution of article in the newspaper "Côté Toulouse" -Parution of article in the media "le24heures.fr" -Invite to the symposium of architecture " "of the Toulouse City Hall to present the video" Dust & Memories "2016. 2016: -Parution on the cover of the architecture magazine "Immomag" LOT (46). -Parution in VOGUE webmagazine "Castle Gudanes". -Photo CD cover for music artist "Undergang". -Mandated by the Toulouse City Council as a photographer. of architectures for exhibition of "photos of art" in places in rehabilitation. -Published 7 times on the American site "Faerie Magazine" -Realization of the video "Dust & Memories" on places of Europe abandoned in collaboration with the musician Undergang. - Full-page publication in the newspaper La Dépêche SUD as an exploration photographer. 2015: -Photos in Art Design and Decoration Store "Culture Design" -Exhibition at the Restaurant "St Jerome" TOULOUSE. -Exhibition at the "Café des artistes" TOULOUSE. 2014: -Exhibition at the CAHORS Cancer League. -Lauréat Photography at the Salon des Artistes Méridionaux TOULOUSE 2013: -Parution in the specialist photo magazine "PHOTOTECH" N ° 27