Frédéric Ayroulet


Frédéric Ayroulet is an author photographer. He is interested above all in the desire to immerse ourselves in universes that make the image predominate over the photographed real. With his colorful, soft and sober captures, he immerses us in a world interpreted through his travels according to different photographic techniques to make us discover, from the shooting, his own view of the world.

2018 to 2019 - Preparation of the edition of a photographic art book on the monastic world 2017 - Exhibition on the theme "When Artists talk about water ..." Arsenal room in La Rochelle 2015 in 2017 - Annual exhibitions on the Loire and its terroir in Festivini, the Saumur Festival of the Culture of Wine and Gastronomy 2017 - CIDES (Independent Saumurois Entrepreneurs Club) Collective exhibition: Territoires ligériens 2016 - Wineries of the Vignerons de Saumur, Saint -Cyr-en-Bourg - Group exhibition: Territoires ligériens 2016 - Festivini, Joly Leterme - City Hall, Saumur - Group exhibition: Territoires ligériens 2015 - Anjou Vintage bike, Saumur - Group exhibition, Collective of Photographers F / 4: Vintage Saumur 2015 - Robert & Marcel Cellars, Saumur - Collective exhibition, Collective of Photographers F / 4: Vintage Saumur