Johan Hubert


Naturalist at heart, I am passionate about wild nature, fauna and flora from a young age. Photography was for me the means to express this unconditional love of nature, I learned in books and perfected my technique with the years. I was very influenced by National Geographic in my childhood, which is why I like documentary images, expeditions, adventure, research and knowledge of environments and animals. But the artist in me can not help but look for the fantastic light of the morning and the evening, the dark light of a storm, a starry night letting us guess the milky way, or a deer in the early morning. All these magical moments perfectly emphasize the poetry of nature. Being a witness, being able to affix a personal touch and showing it to others brings me a lot of satisfaction. If I had to make a wish, it would be that my artistic work would please others and that I could live my passion.

A publication in National Geographic is not much, but it's symbolic for me.

No exposure yet.