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Marion Staderoli


I have a masters degree in Fine Arts, but I finally learned photography "on the job". I am now a professional photographer and a globetrotter, and I am lucky to be able to combine these two passions. I travel as far as possible on the planet and my unmistakably humanist gaze gives you moments taken from life. I work mostly with a full-frame Nikon SLR and various lenses. Photography and travel are for me first of all a need but also a means of sharing. In my travels I prefer contacts with the population and my device allows me to get in touch with the other. Very often, for lack of a common language we can not exchange more than a few words, but the look, the smile, the desire to know each other, the desire to share a moment that only the two of us can understand weave an invisible link between our hearts and make these moments unique and magical. No intellectualization in my work, sensitivity and emotion are the key. My wish is to put a spotlight on people, places or scenes that deserve to be revealed. I also share my adventures by writing.

Publications: -Articles, travel stories and photos in the web newspaper "The Autonomous Student" (2015) -Photographer "In residence" on the website (January 2016) -Publication of an interview (on my job and about the experience at Mentawaï) page 41 of the web-magazine "R-magazine or the rebirth of art" (March 2016) -Publication text and photo of my print on India in the paper magazine "Globe-trotter "(May 2016) -Publication of a report text and photos on the" white widows "in (June 2016) -Publication of a series of photos on the fishermen of Sumatra in the magazine" Globe-trotter "( July 2016) -Publication of a text report and photos on the "white widows" in "Globe-trotter" (November 2016) -Publication of Portfolio in the magazine "Globe-trotter (February 2017) -Publication of a text report and pictures about Mongolia in "Globe trotter" magazine (August 2018)

Lyon 2017 Asia Fair