Marius Legrand


A point of view in height .. the sensation of being far, high .. A difficult test to pass, to finally enjoy a spectacle at the same time simple .. and eternal. That's enough for me. My name is Marius Legrand. I am a Graphic Designer Photographer, but not only! I am passionate about images and nature. For the past 4 years, I have been photographing the landscape, in order to represent its gigantism, equipped with my Canon 700D which never let go (except once, in Norway, it fell in a glacier ..). Sometimes I even make equipment (retractable tripods or focusing levers, among others ..!) What I like is to give the impression that the landscapes photographed were taken elsewhere than on our planet Earth, as seen through a divine eye, an eye that sees what no one can see. By that, I would like to make the public travel, and also that it reconsiders the place which it occupies around the giants. I realize since 3 years a film on this theme.

I collaborated a lot with SAAL Digital by giving them 3 films illustrating their products, including photo books. I have never exhibited, but I would very much like to have space to confront my work to the public.

No exhibitions at the moment.