Michaël Tirat


Photographer-author, I work for several years on different media such as digital photography, film and old processes in the technical room. A childhood influenced by the films of Charlie Chaplin & Buster Keaton, rocked by the voices of Ray Charles, Jacques Brel, John Lennon and Simon & Garfunkel, split between different regions of France and West Africa, influence today enormously my artistic practices. My chromatic impulses push me to work enormously on the silver and old processes. I like accidents, imponderables, the discovery of photography revealed after so much effort. I like mixing old and new practices to combine everything in photographs that oscillate between chance and mastery.

April-June 2017: Exhibition of the series "Mériafrica" ​​at Sortie 13 (Pessac) September 2016: Exhibition series "Insomnia" at the Fabrique Pola (Bègles) June 2016: Exhibition of the series "Pénitence en déshérence" at the Eglise Saint -Rémi (Bordeaux)