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In 1938 Hélène Roger-Viollet and her husband Jean-Victor Fischer, both passionate about photography and frequent travelers, founded rue de Seine the "General Photographic Documentation Roger-Viollet", today one of the oldest French agencies. Having bought the store of the “image merchant” Laurent Ollivier and the collections it housed, Hélène Roger-Viollet and her husband add family production which they will enrich after the war by a continuous effort of acquisitions. This is how they constitute a unique photographic collection in Europe, covering more than a century and a half of Parisian, French and international history, around four main themes: major historical events, Paris, portraits of personalities and reproductions of works of art. The Roger-Viollet collections also offer an astonishing walk through the history of photography, from the production of photographic workshops from the Second Empire to photojournalism at the end of the 20th century. Discover our archive photographs from the Roger Viollet agency. Discover photos of the Eiffel Tower, old photos of Paris but also fashion photos from the Roaring Twenties . The Roger Viollet collection is sold in a limited edition. Buying a photograph of Roger Viollet is like giving yourself a piece of Parisian history, or a part of the history of French photography. The photos of the Roger Viollet agency are vintage photos of Paris or other cities in France, in black and white, drawn in museum quality. Buying a photo of Roger Viollet means choosing between different formats (from 30x20 cm to 150x100 cm) and finishes (single print, framed print (wood or aluminum) or laminated print on aluminum). Our vintage or contemporary photos are always sold in a limited edition.