Sam Lees


Sam Lees is a freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer based between London, UK and Paris, France. Sam specialises in front-line combat, humanitarian, human rights and refugee issues stemming from international conflicts. Sam has travelled the world extensively - both on assignment for international publications such as Vice News (USA), Lonely Planet (UK) and Hessischer Rundfunk (Germany) and working on independent projects.

Sam recently worked in Iraq to cover the liberation of Mosul from occupying ISIS forces. Sam produced stories for Vice News and Hessischer Rundfunk relating to the fate of the families of ISIS fights once the war draws to a close. Sam has also covered the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine between Ukrainian security forces and the DPR (pro-Russian separatists) and the failed 2014 military coup in Turkey.

Basilicata Mongol Rally 2016 - Matera, Italy.