A Photograph, A History: "Hamnoy view"

Hamnoy view
"Hamnoy - Norway" Erwan Le roux

Interview Erwan Le Roux

This "Hamnoy view" photograph was taken in Hamnoy, Norway.

ArtPhotoLimited: This photograph was taken at the Lofoten Islands, Norway.

   This photograph was taken on March 19, 2017 at the end of the day in Hamnoy, near Reine, in the Lofoten Islands. The special atmosphere of my photographs reflects the particularity of this jewel of Norway. After three stays in Iceland, I wanted to discover another country in the north, and the Lofoten Islands are a dream destination for a photographic getaway.

This archipelago offers breathtaking scenery with impressive fjords, beautiful bays, heavenly beaches and breathtaking mountains that plunge into the ocean. It benefits from a temperate climate thanks to the engulfing Gulf Stream and temperatures flirt only with 0 ° C in winter, a "climate anomaly" at such a latitude. Norway is also conducive to the observation of the aurora borealis: in short, a paradise for landscape photographers.

The main activity in the area is fishing: you can see many cod dryers everywhere. In this photograph, we can also see old fishing huts on stilts called rorbus. This view, taken from a bridge, is certainly one of the best-known views of the region, or even the whole country. Of course, Norway and the Lofoten Islands do not stop at this simple "cliché" and are full of places far less crowded and just as beautiful.

You talk about photography and your expeditions as a "therapy".

   I organize my expeditions according to my "wish list" of country to visit. I am a big consumer of images coming from the four corners of the planet and the landscapes that I wish to see with my own eyes are numerous. In general, when the destination is set, I try to prepare my trip and the different steps I want to do. Of course, this preparation does not preclude the possibility of adapting the course once on site.

I see landscape photography as a kind of "therapy": this passion is a way for me to escape and escape the daily life that I sometimes find completely disconnected from reality. Faced with a beautiful landscape, I'm a little in a bubble. I forget the outside world and focus on the beauty that Nature offers us: I feel alive!

I am passionate about landscape photography. It is not a choice but an obviousness. It's my love for Nature and the beautiful landscapes that pushed me to do photography, not the other way around. My first trip to Iceland in 2011 was a snap, and I've never stopped shooting since then. Happiness is not it in the pleasure of doing every day something that fascinates us?

  This type of photography requires a special technique, tell us more.

    This photograph was taken in long exposure, which consists of using a neutral filter and more or less opaque in front of the lens to reduce the amount of light striking the camera sensor. This allows to extend the exposure time of the shooting. For this photograph, the desired effect was to remove the waves on the surface of the water to simplify the reading and focus attention on the huts and mountains in the background. Very adept of this technique in the past, I now prefer to play with the shutter time to try to integrate speed to my compositions. Nevertheless, the long pose seemed to me to be a better choice for this particular take. I work in full digital format and the choice of material depends of course on several factors such as the subject, the moment and the desired result. But the majority of my landscape photographs are taken with a wide-angle lens, a tripod and a polarizing filter.


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