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David Pesce


My name is David. Passionate about the world and nature, I am above all driven by travel and the discovery of the life around us, something that I like being able to share with those who need it. Eclectic in nature, my subjects are as varied as my centers of interest, and my approach is simple, authentic and spontaneous, in order to preserve all the naturalness of the subjects, scenes and luminosities that inspire me at the time. What guides my artistic idea is the capture of strong and ephemeral moments between luminosities and games between the elements, a rather "impressionist" approach highlighting the strength and beauty of nature. Regarding my philosophy, I consider photography above all as the art of exhibiting one's way of seeing things, one's own dream, and through the image of touching and illuminating the dream of whoever looks at it. We all have something else in us, this spark of Life that is common to us, our soul, and art, beyond being the reflection of the soul of the artist, is also the reflection of the soul of the one who admires him. Whatever the medium chosen, art is only one means among others for the artist to convey his message to those who will understand it; and my message is that Life is beautiful and precious, and that it is by being amazed every day that we will learn to respect it. Photography is therefore above all for me the means to share my vision and to transmit the beauty that nature and life offer us. Also a writer, you will find my book "Energy, Matter and Love: a journey towards Self" published by Maïa. For any further information contact me at the following address: