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dimitri polome


Dimitré Polomé is a Belgian photographer living in the Charleroi region fascinated by the highly urbanized landscapes of the big cities and especially the city of New York. He married the architectural static of a place and the movement of a character or a vehicle to give his photography a unique urban style that quickly earned him recognition on the international art scene. His urban approach is based on the continuous search for a street, a building, a building that he can photograph and magnify by his work on contrasts, materials and reflections. Google Street is his first playground, this is where Dimitri Polomé will walk virtually through the cities to spot the street corner he sublimate then. He places his markers, imagines the reflections of light and establishes his roadmap, like a timed scenario. Fascinated by textures and raw materials, he stages urban landscapes through contrasting photographs that capture the eye. It has the particularity of giving life to a rigid architecture by discreetly integrating a moving element that will subtly bring meaning and emotion to a cold and static texture. His play of light, contrast and clarity brings to his photographs a finish and a brilliant result. Dimitri Polomé's photographs earned him several top prizes in competitions and are exported to fairs and galleries around the world, they sublimate many New York loft. He is one of the greatest specialists in these extraordinary shots of the Big Apple. Since last year, he has built his own photo studio and his portraits are already adopted in the world of music and cinema for the promotion of artists.

many first prizes at competitions

New York 2013-2014-2015 Brussels 2013-2016 Milan 2016