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Jean-Philippe PAGNIEZ


Today photographer author, I practice photography since I put my eye in a viewfinder. I was 15 years old. Obsessed by the light, I search obscure light, low light in contexts often difficult and the image that I have in mind then becomes a quest. Often (still) dissatisfied with my work, I have trouble choosing my publications so much I would like to transcribe in my images the feelings that I want to share. I hope through these to have succeeded. It's up to you to read the messages they contain.

Pictures ranked 5th and 6th (on 1700 participants) in the contest organized by the Paris City Hall "Quais en Scène" in 2011. First and only contest. Several publications in the online magazine ArtfreeLife.

May 2013. Paris City Hall. October 2015. Paris. CANOPY Gallery March 2016. Fontainebleau Avon. Maple Gallery. March 2017. Mâcon. Mary Anne Gallery. (to come up)