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Jeremy Jakubowicz


Jeremy Jakubowicz arrives in Paris from Cannes at 18 to become a fashion photographer, his passion. He is self-taught and learned everything by himself, drawing inspiration from photos from various fashion magazines. For several years he practiced by taking photos of his friends in which he staged them in different settings. Jeremy Jakubowicz seduces by a minimalist and sophisticated style, which mischievousness delightfully disturbs. He likes to create surprise, emphasize glamor, imagine universes that mark. Jeremy has obsessions that allow us to identify him without seeing his name: bananas, lipstick that does not emphasize only the lips, bold colors…

- 2017 Finalist of the Photo Talent Academy broadcast on Paris Première - 2016 Photo representing the Fashion category of the magazine "Photo" - 2015 Photo selected "Haunted Feelings" at "The biggest photo contest in the world" by the magazine "Photo"

- 2016 Cannes Miramar Exhibition: several photos from the "Lonely Lovely Wait" series