Jonathan Barbot


Jonathan Barbot is a French photographer-author born in 1981 in Dordogne. After studying Fine Arts at the University of Bordeaux III, he embarked on a photo report, traveled to Africa, to America and discovered the world of journalism. In 2003 he joined the ENS Louis Lumière in Paris. His graduation thesis: "The imphotographiable landscape, itinerary of an aesthetic experience" brings out its appeal for author photography. In the series The Quarry, devoted to a stone quarry exploited throughout the twentieth century before being abandoned, then in the series The Manor, He is interested in the visual space that exists between the incessant construction work, of restoration, decoration of the Human and that of the eternal movement - opposite - of Nature. The time scale is an essential element in his study because, in the short term, the Human seems to succeed in taming the materials and containing the elements; but over a longer period, Nature, with its infinite endurance, ostensibly imposes its rhythm. All the interest of this research resides in the residual energy of this friction, Jonathan Barbot's photographs point the aura of the place to evoke a memory, stories, an imaginary or just a formal harmony. The quarry is exhibited in the FNACs of France and Europe, then in Dordogne. The manor gets the mention "blow of heart" of the Stock Exchange of the Talent and will create a little later the click in favor of the architectural photography. In the meantime, he became first assistant to fashion photographer Sophie Delaporte, then returned to live in Périgueux in 2009 to begin his freelance career. "What I like in the architectural photo is this work of investigation, to study this equation that makes it come to this building or interior like that, here, and not otherwise. What does it come out of? Links, knots, attractions, tensions, perspectives, debate what! Every day, every hour, every moment since the construction until after there is a dialogue between the work of the architect and the light, the life on the site, the moving environment. The photographer's job is to find and show where the architect has managed to create harmony. »

- Mention Coup de cœur of the 36th Talent Stock Exchange for the series The Manoir, 2008. - Winner of the 2004 Esperance Prize of the Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet Foundation for the Vocation.

PERSONAL EXHIBITIONS - Périgueux Noir in Périgord Blanc, Heritage Days, Grids of the Prefecture of Périgueux, 2017. - Périgueux in B & B and Lascaux II, in permanent exhibition in the rooms and the corridors of the Mercure hotel of Périgueux. - Restoration site of the Lanouaille church, Lanouaille church, 2016. - Under the sky, Périgueux, panoramic views of Périgueux, Tour Mataguerre, 2015. - The quarry, Theater of the Odyssey, Périgueux, 2009. - The career, Corgnac-sur-l'Isle, 2008. - The quarry, gallery Fnac Les Halles (2007), Fnac Strasbourg and programming in France and Europe. - The Art of Ivory, itinerant walk in Côte d'Ivoire, Périgueux, 2001. - The protected area of Périgueux; The evolution of an urban construction site, twin exhibitions for Heritage Days, Périgueux, 2000. COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS - Périgueux Noir in Perigord Blanc, Lardimalie winery, Saint-Pierre-de-Chignac, 2017. - Panoramic views of Périgueux, 39 large-format prints permanently on display at the Crédit Agricole Le Privilège agency in Périgueux, at the headquarters of Soyaux and Bergerac, June 2014. - "The Bellac Media Library, From order to production", 10 prints 30x40 cm with the architect Nicolas Balmy-Atelier Spirale and the Community of Upper Limousin Commune, 2013. - Ice floes, diasec drawing 90x55 cm participating in the exhibition Sans 90 ° of the artist-scenographer- designer Mathias Kiss at Galerie Armel Soyer, 75003 Paris, 2011. - Views of Angoulême, 12 prints 30x45 cm and 30x90 cm permanent exhibition at the main agency of Crédit Agricole d'Angoulême, 2011. - The big eight, poses 8 minutes long day, collective work , prints and slide ama son at the FEMIS, June 2005, at the Rencontres d'Arles, July 2005 and the MEP (European House of Photography) on the occasion of the Month of Photography and 80 years of the ENS Louis Lumière, November 2006 - The Month of the Picture 2004, realization of a gazette exposed to the European House of Photography, 2004.