In 1938 Hélène Roger-Viollet and her husband Jean-Victor Fischer, both passionate about photography and frequent travelers, founded rue de Seine "General Photographic Documentation Roger-Viollet", today one of the oldest French agencies. Having bought the shop of the "image merchant" Laurent Ollivier and the collections it housed, Hélène Roger-Viollet and her husband add family production that they will enrich after the war through a continuous effort of acquisitions. This is how they constitute a single photographic collection in Europe, covering more than a century and a half of Parisian, French and international history, around four main themes: major historical events, Paris, portraits of personalities and reproductions of works of art. The Roger-Viollet collections also offer an astonishing walk through the history of photography, from the production of Second Empire photographic workshops to photojournalism at the end of the 20th century.