Our advice to buy a photograph

You would like to buy fine art photography but you are not an experienced collector yet? You are perfectly right : the market of contemporary photography grew five times bigger between 2002 and 2015 according to Artprice. Hence, some photographs are now sold over a million euros in auction sales, like the ones by the photographers Andreas Gursky, Cindy Sherman or Jeff Wall.

To help you make a good start with your collection and invest in this promising market (or simply purchase a beautiful photograph that you will enjoy seeing everyday) here are some advice.

The choice of the photographer

Buying a photograph also means buying a photographer. To know more about the photographer, we suggest you browse his/her gallery. The gallery is available either from the photo gallery page, either by clicking on the photographer's name at the bottom right of each page featuring one of his/her photographs.

In his/her gallery, the photographer presents his/her career, approach, possibly the awards / prizes he/she has won, and the exhibitions.

The reward of recognized prizes and awards is of course a guarantee of the quality of the artwork, as these prizes are judged by renowned personalities from the photography world. On the other side, many photographers choose not to participate in this kind of awards (which often have an entry fee) ; so not having obtained a prize does not mean the photographer does not have an interesting artistic approach.

Also take a look at the exhibitions the photographer has been part of. It means he/she wants to value his/her work as an artist. Of course, all the exhibitions are not equal, and the ones with the most established reputation should be given the most importance.

The choice of the number of prints

In the French law, there is a very precise definition regarding photographic works:

« Are considered as artworks the photographs taken by the artist, printed by him/herself or under his/her control, signed and numbered in maximum thirty copies, including all sizes and mountings »

On ArtPhotoLimited, all the photographs available are sold numbered, observing the legal definition of an artwork.

However, if your goal is to buy art in the perspective of a potential capital gain on resale, we suggest you turn to photographs printed in editions from 5 to 10. Scarcity is in fact a decisive criteria for the artist's rating on the market.

Furthermore, the prices of the last copies of a series often raise as the opportunities of buying a print decrease.

The theme of the photograph

On ArtPhotoLimited, we offer all the main themes of photography : Architecture, Aviation, Black and white, Concert and music, Cultures of the world, Fashion, Historical and figures, Landscape, Large format, Mountains, Movie, New York, Nude, Paris, Sea, Sport, Street photography, Urban photography, Vintage, Wildlife, …

If you have already chosen a theme for your purchase, we suggest you browse the photographs available within this theme by selecting it in the menu on the upper left of the homepage.

However, if you haven't made your choice yet, we suggest you browse the photo gallery of each photographer. For sure you will find an artist whose approach will please you!

The choice of the format and the mounting

The photographs available on ArtPhotoLimited usually exist in 7 to 8 formats. The available formats range from 10x8" to 60x40".

The bigger the format, the higher the price. First because on the art market, the bigger formats have a higher rating, but also because the production cost of the print depends on its size.

Hence the choice of the format depends on the wall on which you will hang the photograph, and on your budget.

As for the mounting, you have the choice to purchase the print alone. It can be interesting if you already have a frame in the right format. In that case, make sure to compare the sizes of the print and of the frame. It is in fact better, aesthetically speaking, to insert a mat between the frame and the photograph.

If you prefer to receive a photograph ready to hang, we suggest you choose one of the framing options we offer :

  • Wood frame mounting for the small and middle formats ;
  • Aluminium mounting or floater frame for the large formats.
  • Acrylic or framed acrylic for the large formats.