Franck Bichon


Born in the fifties to a musician father and a happy mother, he learned photography during his studies at the School of Architecture with a former professor from Vevey and Sinar. His studies finished, he made his debut at AFP before joining Gamma and participating in the creation of the Sunset agency and Epicureans Photographers. A sabbatical year for sailing races and cruises around the world made the transition and an orientation towards creation, before meeting a talented advertising friend and stylist who has since accompanied her in her work and the creation of a studio in Paris. Franck Bichon has been an advertising, communication, press and publishing photographer for more than 35 years. His images have been published for numerous advertising campaigns for major brands of culinary products, gastronomy, wines and spirits. Boats, cars, architecture, aerial photography, the environment and gourmet tourism are its spheres of interest or pleasure. Born in the fifties from a music lover father and always in a good mood mother, he learns photography during his architecture studies with an ancient Vevey teacher and Sinar. After his studies he began working first in AFP before going to Gamma and contributed to the creation of Sunset and Epicureans Photographers. After a sabbatical year for races and sailing cruises around the world, decided as transition to join creativity, as he met an advertising friend and talented stylist who escorts him in his job to create a studio in Paris. Franck Bichon is an advertising photographer, in communication, media, press and Publishing, since more than thirty five years. His photos have been published for many advertising campaigns for famous brands, food and gastronomy products, wines and spirits. Boats, cars, architecture, aerial photograph, environment and greedy tourism are his favorite or pleasure centers of interest.

- Sotexi Prize 1988 - Ramsay Prize 1989 - Aniec Prize 1991 - FUJI Prize 1998 - Indosuez Prize 1999 - Academy Prize for Sea Arts and Sciences 2010 - YCC Prize - Culinary Photo 2012

- Jazz - Nantes 1972 - Jazz - Brussels 1974 - Expo St Barth - Paris 1986 - Expo Sillage - Paris - 1987 - 13th Art - Paris - 1987 - 90 - 93 - 98 - 2001 - Shellfish and crustaceans - Port du Lead - 2010 - Maritime Museum of La Rochelle 2012 - Academy of Arts and Sciences of the Sea - La Baulle - 2011 - Academy of Arts and Sciences of the Sea - Pontivy - 2013 - Academy of Arts and Sciences of the Sea - La Rochelle - 2013 - 13 eme Art - Paris - 2013 - Casino Barrière - La Rochelle - 2014 - Île de Ré - Photo festival - 2016